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The Tech Duel | April 28, 2017

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The Duellists - The Tech Duel

Gary and David

Lifelong friends who have grown up together, from the days of Diablo 2 to the PS3 and Xbox, from paper to e-reader and from landlines to LTE. Gary Robertson and David Greenway are each avid enthusiasts of the modern era, whose growing fervour has only driven them to fuel each other’s passions for gaming, technology and innovation.

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Gary Robertson:

A  Doctoral candidate in Biochemistry, it is difficult to tell whether his love for science gave rise to his love of technology or the other way around. Gary is an avid gamer and early tech adopter, willing to sacrifice the old for a new and faster tomorrow.

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David Greenway:

Dave’s addiction to gaming is out-done only by his obsession for technology. Always on the lookout for the latest rumour or whisper of something new on the horizon, Dave is the go-to source for anything smartphone related.

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