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The Tech Duel | August 23, 2014

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Mobile - The Tech Duel

News and Reviews of the latest mobile devices, cellphones, tablets and notebooks

Sony Xperia S Review

19/10/2012 |

The Sony Xperia S is the current flagship smartphone in the paddock for the electronics giant from Japan. How does it stack up? Find out here: Read More

Angry Birds Star Wars Out on November 8!

08/10/2012 |

Sometimes excitement creeps up on you so quickly that it surprises you. Angry Birds and Star Wars is colliding in a mashup of epic proportions, check out the Star Wars Angry Birds trailer…

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Nokia Shows Off Clever Lumia 920 Vs iPhone 5 Advert

03/10/2012 |

I love when advertising is done intelligently, and Nokia has this one spot on. Check out their little poke of fun at those waiting in line for an iPhone 5 instead of waiting for a Lumia 920.

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Apple Announces the New iPhone 5

13/09/2012 |

Finally the collective breath of the technology world can be let free, with the launch of the iPhone 5 in San Francisco, Apple has taken the most important step for the company in the next 12 months. Want to know all the details of the iPhone 5, then click through and find out. Read More

Nokia Announces Windows Phone 8 Lumia 920 and Lumia 820

06/09/2012 | 1

In a New York event yesterday Nokia announced 2 new phones into the Lumia range, the Lumia 820 and the flagship device of the Windows Phone 8 range the Nokia Lumia 920. Read More