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The Tech Duel | April 28, 2017

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This is the home of The Tech Duel, a blog started by two friends who enjoy the rapidly changing world of technology.

The world is an exciting place to be in at this point in time, technology has never evolved faster, been more accessible, or been as intriguing as is now. We stand at a time when the physical medium is dying out and the digital medium is slowly but surely taking over. It is a world in which yesterday’s desktop PC is rendered obsolete by today’s cellular handset.

We’ve gone from a world were technology was strictly for the office bound geek, the graphic designer or the animation artist, where high performance technology was often too expensive for normal people to even consider, to a world where a smartphone is the staple diet of the teenager, where your games console is a high definition home theater system and you’re just as likely to buy a book and never hold it in your hands.

We live in a multi-core hyper-threaded society, which for many people is too highly complex and rapidly changing to keep up with modern advancements. For this reason we have created The Tech Duel, our forum to share our knowledge and debates with both the tech savvy and the tech noob.

So feel free to peruse our selection of articles and discussions, leave our comments or ask a question at our Contact Us section, but most of all enjoy the incredible world of technology we live in.