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The Tech Duel | April 28, 2017

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Daily Tech News (Google Hangouts Translate Sign Language)

Daily Tech News (Google Hangouts Translate Sign Language) (4 March 2013)
  • On March 4, 2013

Google allowing translators for Hangouts, R140mil website, Apple Vs Samsung goes to trial again and Project Q the any OS PC.

Google Hangouts receive sign language interpreter support

For the netizen who is hard of hearing, conducting a video call is a lot tougher than it is for the rest of us. Google has added support for a sign language translator to be present in a Google+ Hangout to translate for the rest of the participants. The application will allow interpreter to be invited into the Google Hangout in the background while they verbalise hand gestures of those who are signing. While the feature hasn’t evolved into an application that can interpret sign language directly you can bet Google will be working on it already.

R140m for government website

TechCentral broke the online news (it was originally published in the Sowetan newspaper) this morning of the Free State provincial government spending R140m on its website. After a bit of digging around it was found to be built on the open source WordPress platform with a theme resembling a $40 theme that is available on a popular blogging customisation site. The revelation has stirred an emotional response from those on Twitter. The contract was signed with businessman Tumi Ntsele, who reportedly holds tenders with several other provincial departments and The Sowetan claims that the company was awarded the tender even though two other companies submitted significantly lower bids. Free State director-general Elzabe Rockman has reportedly disputed the amount, claiming it was actually ‘only’ R40m.

New trial for Apple v. Samsung possible as judge slashes damages

Judge Lucy Koh of Samsung Vs Apple infamy has slashed the damages payable by Samsung to Apple by  $450mil due to the fact that incorrect calculation methods were used by the jury in the initial trial in calculating the damages owed by the South Korean electronics giant. This could spark a new trial between the two company’s as they attempt to resolve their differences through litigation.

ProjectQ, the $799 Mac Pro replacement

While Apple hesitates on making a new Mac Pro the guys at Quo computers are pushing forward with their plans to create the AOS motherboard (Any Operating System) that could signal that the time has come to end support for Apple’s high end tower for many. Project Q will be available to back on Kickstarter shortly and will provide an Intel Z77 board that supports most Macintosh features including Ethernet, Thunderbolt, Ivy Bridge CPU and full size GPU out of the box.