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The Tech Duel | April 28, 2017

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Morning Tech News (15 May 2012) - The Tech Duel

Morning Tech News (15 May 2012)
  • On May 15, 2012

Amazon’s next generation of Kindle, 802.11ac Buffalos, Intel announces new Xeons and plans for 5nm.

  1. Amazon to launch front-lit Kindle (source). – Massive global online retailer Amazon will launch new versions of its Kindle e-reader and tablet, including an e-reader with front lightingaccording to sources.
  2. Buffalo beats others to the 802.11ac WiFi punch, ships 1.3Gbps router and bridge. – Buffalo releases the first commercially available 802.11ac router. 802.11ac is the new wireless standard that promises high speeds and better connections that current 802.11n networks.
  3. Intel roadmap reveals plans for 5nm chips – Intel, the market leader in CPU’s, has shown off their roadmap for the future, showing a drop from the current 22nm manufacturing process used for the brand new Ivy Bridge chips, down to 5nm.
  4. Intel launches new Ivy Bridge Xeons. – Intel announces 28 Xeon server chips. Starting a mad TDW of just 17W these new chips will power the next generation of microservers, full sized servers and hopefully even Mac Pro desktops.